Monday, February 13, 2012

Interview With Keira Kroft

I’m Carol Marrs Phipps and today I am interviewing Keira Kroft, the very talented author of Glow in the Dark, Bad Moon Rising Over Oz and her upcoming Inamorata, to be published this summer by Hellfire Publishing.

Hello Keira. I want to thank you for granting this interview today. How are you doing?

Awesome, thank you for asking. And thank you so much for having me here most of the week.

We’ll begin our interview today with a few “Keira” trivia questions.
Favorite Book: The Art of War by Sun Tzu
Favorite Author: John Saul
Favorite Genre: Horror
Pet Peeve: Liar’s
Place you’d most like to visit and why:
New Zealand, I researched it for a story and it’s just beautiful

Please tell us a little about yourself.
About me

My love for animals is as great as my love for people. A percentage of my personal book profits go to the Animal Welfare League. I reside in a quiet suburb in the outskirts of Chicago with my husband and daughter. I also spend any spare time I have, working with our cats Scamper and Sawyer, to achieve total world domination, one shared Twinkie at a time. My passions include Reading, Writing, Football, and Comic Books.

What is your worst nightmare?

I have a phobia of fire… So you can only imagine.

Were you inspired by any other writers?

No Maim, my inspiration comes from within

Would you tell us a little about your upcoming book? Is it a stand alone book or part of a series?

Inamorata is the first Novel in the “One Bloody Night Series”.

They are supposed to be low key and get their nightly fix from a bag. But what if they could spend a cozy evening eating an old fashioned meal and then when they were done they would simply set the place on fire and walk away—no one would be the wiser?

That’s the plan when a group of rogue Vampires has poisoned the entire security staff at a Christmas Eve party at a mall in Chicago and proceed to take over for the evening and feast upon their own kind of tradition, four house keepers, a maintenance man, a girl who lives in the mall, a lonely late night worker and a couple who have escaped to the department store where she works so their spouses wouldn’t be privy to their affair and some other delightfully unexpected guests.

Everything goes exactly as they expected until the group leader Lucius Sturdevant, and second oldest Vampire to date, realizes that the woman that lives in the Comic book store that is trying to figure out how to kill him is the reincarnation of Laura, the love of his life, that died in his arms of old age, because he didn’t have the heart to turn her.
If you could become one of the characters in Inamorata who would it be and why?

I would be Laura, the heroic girl who lives in the comic book store. Because I love comics, I practically live in our store now, lol.

When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer?

On some Level, I have always known. I have been a writer for over twenty years.

What genre(s) do you write?

Romance genres. Usually like paranormal Romance or Romantic Suspense and I dabble horror.

How do you come up with the title and cover designs for your books?

My titles come to me along with the story ideas and I feel they are very personal to my stories. The book cover design is a collaboration between me and cover artist Dara England, it would be a very unfortunate day if I ever lost her as cover artist. I have three covers and she has done all three, I love her work. Who was the designer of your current book? Dara England of course, lol.

What do you think about book trailers?

I love them and I know a great video designer :) Jen Hart.

Is there any book that you know you will just never read?If so, why not?

No I’ll give anything a look, anything.

Do you have any advice for new writers?

If writing is for you then, never give up, never give in and never say die! But if it’s not for you and you are just doing it for money, glamour and fame, get out—now. Do not waste any more time.

Would you share one thing about yourself that no one else knows?

Well, I am almost 42 years old and I sleep with a stuffed puppy that my husband bought me early on in our relationship. I am so attached to the damn thing at night that the last time we were in Vegas on vacation; I couldn’t sleep because I forgot Stitches. He is named that because the day I got him I dropped him off the bed and I’ll be damned, his entire side split open. We stitched him up and named him appropriately. So hubby and I went out looking for something comparable on the Vegas strip and found the exact same dog, minus the needlework. So now I have two, lol.

When and where do you usually write?

Early morning at my desk on my computer, his name is “BOB”.

Why did you choose Hellfire Publishing?

Lol. Because they are awesome, lol. My other novel is published with Decadent Publishing because they came along and published me before I even had the idea to open. Decadent is also a great publisher and I highly recommend them. But I have faith in my own company and that is where I want to live out my days.

Are you currently working on something new and if so would you give us a sneak peek of what it is about?

I am avidly working on the second One Bloody Night book, Samhain. The main character in the first book Laura Easter is friends with Vampires who raid a hotel on Halloween, pissing off every bad creature from hell that only has that night to look forward to roam the earth. So they kidnap Laura. The vampires are powerless to save her. There is only one kind of entity that can save Laura…angels. Heavenly creatures are not really a big fan of bloodsuckers. She is kind of screwed in the second book, I sure hope she makes it to the third.

Is there anything that I didn’t ask that you wish I had?

Would you like to come over for dinner sometime? Yes I would love too, lol :)

Where can readers follow you?
Goodreads author Page:


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