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Interview with UK Author Kaye Vincent

I’m Carol Marrs Phipps and today I am interviewing Kaye Vincent, the very talented author of The Treeman, Book one of The Hanningdon Magic Series.

Hello Kaye. I want to thank you for granting this interview today. How are you doing?
Looking at the dust in my home and wondering how far I can push denial to carry on writing.
We’ll begin our interview today with a few “Kaye” trivia questions.      
Favorite Book:
So many favourites, but currently obsessed with the Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin. The fantasy gives him freedom, but he remains rooted in humanity and all our foibles. Such amazing characters. Have read four of the existing books so far.

Favorite Author:
At this point in time the wonderful Patrick Gale, who writes about modern life and relationships in the most vivid way – see Notes from an Exhibition, which ends with such impact and clarity. Shocking and beautiful.

Favorite Genre:
Hmm. Tricky. I think it would have to be fantasy, in the style of George RR Martin, but I do love a good romance. And a good thriller. And the occasional horror. And…oh, you get the drift!

Pet Peeve:
In life or writing? Oh let’s be greedy and do both! In life, persistent negativity – we all like a moan, but when it becomes someone’s ethos for life it can be very wearing. I prefer optimism and cheer – they indicate a generous heart. In writing, my pet peeve is when I read detailed explanations of every single character motivation. Some guidance is of course essential, but as a reader, I want to make my own interpretations – after all, the essential joy of reading is discovery. I want an author to empower me to have an adventure with their story.
Place you’d most like to visit and why:

I’m writing about the Kalderash gypsies from Romania at the moment, so would love to go and explore.

Please tell us a little about yourself.
I’ve been creative all my life, from fine art to performance to writing. I will keep trying to make a living from my creativity until the day I die, because to use it every day would be my optimum state of grace.

What is your worst nightmare?

Were you inspired by any other writers?
Every single book that I have ever read, good and bad, has influenced my own approach in some way. In terms of aiming towards an easy style and readability, I think I’ve probably been influenced by the rather weird mix of Jilly Cooper, Dean Koontz and a dash of Tom Sharpe. Goodness me. That is weird.
Would you tell us a little about your upcoming book? Is it a stand alone book or part of a series?
I’m currently writing the sequel to The Treeman, called The River Girl. It will be the second book in The Hanningdon Magic Series and brings back all the favourite characters, with a handful more to shake things up. Can’t say too much except I’m having HUGE fun. I know them all so well and it’s delicious to be back in their company again. Just a hint, Maeve’s fellow Fred Bunt has been a very, very naughty boy. And ladies, brace yourselves. Nicholai is coming to town.

If you could become one of the characters in The Treeman who would it be and why?
Sadly, I’m most like Izzy, as I worry too much. If I could choose, I would love to grow into my skin as beautifully as Izzy’s mother Daphne. I adore Daphne! Her continued exploration of life, love and positivity is an expression of my own hope for later life. I also wish I could be as dry and canny as she is. Working on it.

When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer?
At eleven. That’s my first recollection of admitting the desire. I wanted to be the world’s youngest working novelist. After a very tortuous path through an eclectic career, I have finally returned to book writing. Definitely not the ‘world’s youngest’ now!

What genre(s) do you write?
Until recently, I have focused my creative writing on musical theatre, working in collaboration with Kaye Tompkins, a wonderful composer, under the management of The Sharland Organisation. However, my debut novel, The Treeman, is best categorized as a romance. I have used a dash of magic and the supernatural, but these enhance rather than lead the narrative. And yes, there’s still a musical influence with several characters. I’ve also used lyrics to reveal character traits at the start of each section
How do you come up with the title and cover designs for your books? Who was the designer of your current book?
The title for The Treeman was ever present, right from the first initial spark. The whole piece was always destined to revolve around this gifted man living in a tree, in close proximity to the home of a very uptight woman. The potential for conflict seemed delightful. The series will continue to echo the naming concept, by concentrating on the character who prompts the main action in each book. The name also hints at some elemental natural force, which is pertinent to the magical context. Hence The River Girl for the sequel. For the cover, I contacted a friend, the amazingly talented Barry Currall, who worked for many years as a graphic designer. He understands how to create impact. We will be maintaining the ‘look’ throughout The Hanningdon Magic Series.
What do you think about book trailers?
Can’t wait. My aim is to record one of The Treeman’s songs to use as the soundtrack. Kaye Tompkins has already composed two of the numbers: Behind the Smile and Catch it if You Can. So soon I hope! Album to follow…? Or is that getting way too far ahead? Wouldn’t that be wonderful, on the next generation of Kindle? The Treeman with its own songs attached. Sigh….
Is there any book that you know you will just never read? If so, why not?
War and Peace. I love Anna Karenina, but the Russian novels tend to defeat me. Even Dr Zhivago took a few attempts to complete. It’s the names. I get lost because I can’t keep track of who’s who. Shame on me.
Do you have any advice for new writers?
Yes. The success of a book is not in the creation, but in the editing. You know you’ve turned a corner when you’re brave enough to cut out something good for the sake of the whole. It is not enough for a section of work to be truly wonderful. It needs a reason to live within the context of your work. If not, sacrifice is required. Don’t hesitate. You know it’s got to go.

Would you share one thing about yourself that no one else knows?
There was a time when I could make a damn fine corset from scratch. From creating the pattern, cutting, lining, wiring, fitting and covering. Shhhh… please don’t tell anyone. I do a lot of theatre and they might make me sew something. Sewing scares me. I loathe sewing even more than dusting.

When and where do you usually write?
I also develop care information for a major charity, so I write all day, every day of the week, but obviously not on my own works. My creative writing takes place in my home office between 8pm and 10pm each night. Also on days off when I can and weekends when I’m not digging my family out of the dust (I know – third mention. The guilt cloud is gathering weight).

Are you currently working on something new and if so would you give us a sneak peek of what it is about?
I’m developing a new musical theatre script on a slightly raunchy theme and I suspect I will also write the book version. Love it, have high hopes, but early days to reveal much more. It will be written in sensuous style, but with comic heart and pathos. I’m also writing a radio play at the moment. I’m thinking about producing some short stories to expand my e-book range and make use of a multitude of scribbled ideas in notebooks strewn around the house. And of course I’m working furiously on the sequel to The Treeman!

Is there anything that I didn’t ask that you wish I had?
I think I might outstay my welcome if I go on. This has been wonderfully self-indulgent for me and I’d like to thank you Carol for your interest and encouragement. My compliments in return for your own wonderful work. Also many thanks to your readers if they’re still with us at the bottom of the interview! Lovely to be here.

Where can readers follow you?
Blog: On Goodreads or my website as below
Goodreads author Page:
Twitter: @KayeVincent
Any other info you wish to share:
The Treeman:
Kindle e-book from at:
Or from at:
Or in paperback from Lulu at:
And thank you..!

And thank you so much Kaye for interviewing with me today on my blog.

The Treeman Synopsis

What would you do if a ghost told you to get a life? ...Izzy flees to the countryside to make a new start. Away from her fickle fiance, the interfering ghost of her dead father and his sex-hungry mistress. Not only do all three follow her and shatter her peace, but she's also joined by Jodie, her annoying younger sister, and her mother going through a startling life change...What would you do if a ghost told you to get a life? ...Izzy flees to the countryside to make a new start. Away from her fickle fiance, the interfering ghost of her dead father and his sex-hungry mistress. Not only do all three follow her and shatter her peace, but she's also joined by Jodie, her annoying younger sister, and her mother going through a startling life change. The serene village of Hanningdon is about to become very busy indeed.

But Izzy makes a discovery to put all this into the shade. A beautiful and disturbed young man living in the oak tree outside her window. A treeman with a mysterious gift and an even more mysterious past. And a brother who makes everything much more complicated.

The infuence of their late Romany grandmother, Mari, still holds strong over the two brothers and over Hanningdon itself. And Izzy seems to be the key to unlock their secrets, their hearts and the magic of Mari.

Funny and compelling, the story of Izzy and the Treeman will keep you in suspense to the end, with a host of outrageous characters.

An intriguing romance, with a dash of danger and a splash of paranormal activity and magic. A must read for those who love to love their romantic heroes and heroines.

The first book in The Hanningdon Magic Series.

The Treeman Review
The Treeman (The Hanningdon Magic Series, #1) 


Carol Marrs Phipps

Izzy  Farren is twenty-seven and still lacks the courage to determine her own path into the future. She is forever driven by her doubts to the safety of the proper and predictable path. In fact, she manages to be as rigid and straight-laced as the very corsets she designs. And the shock of finding her handsome fiancé in bed with her dead father’s mistress on the very day of her father’s funeral is no help at all. 
But when her father’s ghost tries to talk her into the determination she would certainly need to make a go of her fledgling business, Izzy astonishes everyone by springing into action to do just that. She quits her day job and moves into a charming old barn in rural Hanningdon, determined to make a go of it entirely on income from her Izzy’s Bitsy’s corsets.
She meets Jay and Jules Roman in the course of her move. In spite of how cracked or unsettled they might happen to be, she quickly finds her life preoccupied with theirs. Before long, she has a vision of a strange old Gypsy woman who predicts that she will save both of these Roman brothers. The prediction simply turns her world inside out. Just how can poor Izzy save anyone at all when she is not one bit certain that she can save herself?
Kaye Vincent makes The Treeman, the first book of her Hanningdon Magic Series, captivating to read by bringing to life her characters in spite of how symbolical the trappings of certain ones may happen to be. In fact, it is her very succeeding at this that gets us to consider how we each find our way through our own lives, dragging our crazy and improbable burdens of baggage with us. You'll see. Her book will have you up in the wee hours, laughing and sympathizing, altogether unable to put it down.

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