Monday, April 8, 2013

Author Publicity Pack:Resources to Take Your Book Marketing to the Next Level

If you have little or no finances to pay for marketing to promote your book, then look no further; this book is for you! In the Author Publicity Pack by Shelly Hitz and Heather Hart you will find a multitude of places to promote and advertise your book and most of them are absolutely free! Plus you will find many valuable links in the book for places to get free press releases, book awards, reviews, virtual book shelves and author forums and more.
I personally checked out most of the links in the book and found them to be current and useful. The one and only link which gave me trouble was one for a place called 'Human Made' and the problem wasn't actually with the link but with an available download on the site to upgrade my flash player, which warning triangles were advising me was out of date for the site. Take my word for it, you do not want to download that flash player because some malicious add-ware has attached itself to the download. I had a very bad time getting my computer cleaned up and running correctly after that. However, as long as you don't try to update your flash player on that site, everything else is fine.
Author Publicity Pack is a well-written, easy to follow and use guide that every author can use and benefit from and should definitely have in their personal Book Promo Toolbox. What an incredible value for a mere $0.99.
By: Carol Marrs Phipps

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