Friday, January 9, 2015

Strike Falcons to the Rescue

Excerpted From Elf Killers 

Well out into the grass, Olloo paused behind the queue of children led by Lilee and Cairys to listen to the shouting which had just erupted amongst the houses.

"Ow!" cried Sorcha as she tripped and fell just ahead of him.

"Hey, we don't want the Marfora Siofra hearing us," he said quietly, as he caught up and helped her to her feet.
"Thanks Olloo," she said as she patted her yearling strike falcon. "You don't have to worry about me so much. I've got Tashtey here to watch out for me."

"Oh I know," he said, hiding his grin.  "But you're a young lady, and it's good manners to help up a young lady.”

"I just wish we didn't have to be out here in the dark where the wild ones are."

"We just have to be careful to keep thinking about the wild nests we don't want to step into so that Baase and Tashtey will watch out for them.

"I already know that," she said with the tone of rapture that young austringas get when they begin sharing thought pictures with their strike falcons.

"Sorcha! Olloo! Run!" cried Roseen from just ahead of them.

Olloo wheeled about to find a troll coming right at him with a spear, but before he could react, Baase knocked down the brute while Tashtey ripped out his throat. Trolls suddenly appeared out of the grass everywhere, lunging and grabbing for children, only to find themselves being rippedto shreds by fourteen lightening fast shawkyn spooghey.
Olloo, Lilee and the children stood in wide-eyed disbelief as their strike falcons twisted, yanked and tore at the carcasses of every one of the brutes who had tried to waylay them. "Ha!" said Sorcha, speaking out. "Now it's their turn to be eaten after one of their raids."  

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