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Teeuh is a young woman, a moth winged Fairy who is the daughter of Longbark, the oldest of the Forest Primeval oaks, who makes her from Nasteuh, the daughter of Kingangel-oak-top10-trees James and Queen Spitemorta of Loxmere-Goll.
Nasteuh's grandmother Demonica interferes with Spitemorta's pregnancy, so that even though Nasteuh is a beautiful and magically endowed baby, her twin brother is born a troll and she manages to chew off the teats of all her wet nurses. When Spitemorta is away making an attack on Niarg Castle, Nasteeuh is stolen in a raid of retaliation on Castle Goll by Niarg soldiers. By the time she is taken to the three Fairy sisters beneath Mount Bedd, she is known to all as thedsc_1224_1328927551 143881854.mDiqyn6G.LunaMothCocoon2.5damned baby. When Damned Baby becomes too dangerous for the Fairies to handle, they wrap her in a cocoon and give her to Longbark to remake.
After several months, she emerges from the cocoon, a gorgeous young woman with green hair, moth wings and the teeth of a dogfish shark. She spends the next twenty years living with her Fairy mamas, communing for hours and days at a time with her mother Longbark, who teaches her and continually increases her magical power for things to come.
The Reaper Witch 01 copy

Doom, soon to be released.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

"I can bear you the rest of the way," said Lladdwr. "But first..."
zoom"Yes," said Ceidwad, giving herself a thorough shake. "We've been putting off telling you something..."
"Koude hit to wayten?" he said as he motioned for Lladdwr to let him mount.
"No," said Ceidwad. "This may be nothing at all. And then again..." She paused under the rattling aspen leaves to sort through some feathers. "
"Wel thanne what?"
"Mother Celeste and her sisters are now quite aged," she said with a deep bob of her head.
"So? Thou dost knowe that weo on erthe sithence the byginnynge of al memory hanimages (21) ben, righte? No thyng a-lyve beth eldre than Ich am."
"I'm sorry," said Ceidwad with a snap of each wing before fixing her gaze upon him. "My attempt to be gentle has simply undone things. I have no choice but to be direct and I apologize for having delayed telling you. Razzorbauch turned our mothers into old hags when he made them prisoners of Mount Bed. They still have endless lives, but not endless youth."
Old-Women-2_edited-2"They lok olde?"
"That's what we're saying," she said. "And we had no idea how someone who has always had eternal youth would alvitaface having his lover be gnarled and aged, so we didn't speak up when we probably should have. Have we made you upset with us?"
"Up-sette with thou? Fithel-stikkes!" he said, tramping about in distraction. "Alacke! The oonly way to chaungen hem bakke is with the Grete Staf of Power and the Cristal Herte. And evene thanne, weo myghte neede the Ffirst Wysardes grimoire."
"Our mothers have accepted their fate Meri, and they hold out hope that the Elven Prophesy is true. If that be, then perhaps they will indeed be turned back, and eventually will only have been old for a mere moment in your time. The question is, how are you 
managing right now?"
"Mother Celeste has longed for you these live-long years. Will your shock at the sight of her upset her?"
"O!" he said, stopping short at the sight of how it all was. "Ich see. Wel my derre Celeste wol alwey the moost bryhte sterre in the hevenes ybe. That beth al she by the lok in myn eyn wol gete."
"Well then," said Ceidwad, rising to her feet with a shake of her feathers. "Are we ready?"raven-cut-753011
Meri gave her a sudden hug and a pat, did a handspring and hopped astride Lladdwr as he rose to his feet.
"Finally off his swyving toute!" croaked Ocker from somewhere overhead.
The Reaper Witch 01 copy

Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps

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Rave Reviews Spotlight Author Blog Tour for April Adams

Editing is Vital and a Privilege

I offer editing services. Really, it’s a whole manuscript critique and plot hash-out with proof-reading services rolled in. Editing is expensive as a rule, but I offer a pay-as-you-go plan to help indies. Go to if you’re interested. I’ve seen too many could-be-good books fall short because of obvious problems.

Some books read like a first or second draft. An editor (or a little hard work and research) could have avoided that. I also see crazy/lazy things like “all of the sudden” instead of “all of a sudden” or “for all intensive purposes” instead of “for all intents and purposes.” You may not think those are important, but when I see that an author didn’t even take the time to use language correctly, my opinion goes down a notch. Using “set” instead of “sit” is another big one.

Not everybody wants to do that kind of work themselves. It’s a lot, but it’s absolutely necessary. If you want to just write and hone the story, fine. Make sure you hire someone knowledgeable to polish your work and make it readable. What you wrote may not be what the reader understands. That’s a major communication failure. Things like that may not be entirely unavoidable, but letting someone critique your work honestly will reveal many things that an author, being so close to the work, will not ever be able to see.

It’s a privilege to help make a good book better. It’s a joy when an author appreciates the process and allows it to do all that it can. There are so many talented authors out there! Don’t sell yourself short by not doing all that you can to make your book the very best that it can be. You owe it to yourself and to your readers. We are up against main-stream published authors who have several editorial processes, major financial backing, PR, and book signings written into their contract. We must all endeavor to give indie publishing a classy and professional image.  So, edit, edit, edit! Or hire me. :) 

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