Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Who is Abaddon?

The_Burgeoning_Cover_for_KindleAbaddon is the son of King James of Loxmere and the witch queen Spitemorta of Goll. He is also the great-grandson of the fearsomeDemonica, the most powerful sorceress of all time. 
120904655645652Demonica abandoned Spitemorta's mother Ugleeuh at birth and returned to her keep across the sea in Head to continue her pursuit of power through her fortune in mines and arms. She has long dreamed of ruling the world, but she knows that in order to do that, she will need the Great Staff of Power and its Crystal Heart. When she hears that her very granddaughter has the Staff in Stone Heart, she becomes Abaddon's nanny. In time, she and Spitemorta leave Abaddon in the care of King James and go off on 
The Reaper Witch 01 copya hunt to find the Heart. Whilst they are away, James discovers that Spitemorta is a witch and that her influence over Abaddon is evil. In an effort to save him in The Burgeoning, he has his steward Lance hide Abaddon. When Spitemorta finds out, she tortures James and puts him in the dungeon.       
Lance takes Abaddon to his childhood home in Mount Bedd to see the Fairy sisters who raised him. They find Abaddon to be dark and troubled and in the sway of the Pitmaster, but under their influence he decides to help Lance find King James and get him to safety, out of Spitemorta's reach and thereby begins a transformation which continues throughout The Reaper Witch  and eventually turns him into a hero.

Carol Marrs Phipps & Tom Phipps

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