Monday, March 26, 2018

Nia Greenwood

Age 20
115 lbs
Green hair
Green eyes

Nia Greenwood is a half Fairy, half Human (here, Human is a race and therefore capitalized), daughter of Kellen and Cait Greenwood, sister of Tess. She is engaged to an Elf, Drake Evans, at the time she is taken by the evil Children and Family Services Police and shipped off to become a sex slave at the world Alliance’s underwater capital city of Atlantis. Nia is one of the two main protagonists in Wham!

Excerpt from Wham!

            "So," said the woman, leaning over her for a look. "Awake at last, I see." She

straightened up at once. "I'm Mistress Bodine, but you may call me Sam. For Samantha of


            Nia threw her head from side to side in a panic. She could see guards. A device wired to

her began beeping. "What is this place?" she said. "Why am I in restraints?"

"Why you’re at the capitol," said Sam, switching off Nia's monitor. "Don’t you

remember being chosen for this honor?"

            "The capitol!" cried Nia, struggling against the straps which held her. "Chosen! Is that

what you call it when you abduct someone to be a toy for the monsters who've taken over the



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