Friday, March 30, 2018

WHAM! Personality Profile, Tess Greenwood

Tess Greenwood

Age 17
110 lbs
Green hair
Green eyes

Tess Greenwood  is a half Fairy, half Human (here, Human is a race and therefore capitalized), daughter of Kellen and Cait Greenwood, sister of Nia and  Granddaughter to Meri and Celeste Greenwood. Tess, one of the two main protagonists in Wham! She is still in High school and is considered rebellious by her teachers and school officials because she refuses to engage in the promiscuous behavior of her peers, even though she has had all her shots and thus will not contract any STD’s or become pregnant.

Tess is quiet and introverted with few friends, and often the brunt of cruel teasing and bullying from her peers. Until her parents and sister are taken in the middle of the night by the brutal Children and Family Services Police, Tess ignores the current fads and fashions of her peers, usually wearing jeans, t-shirt and sneakers while keeping her thigh-length, green hair in a single braid down her back.

After Tesss’s family are removed from their home, the bald watcher in her skinny ball (a governmental spying device citizens are forced to keep in every room of their homes) tells her it is her fault they were taken.

Excerpt from Wham!
            "Tess," said the bald man in the skinny ball. "Have you any idea why it was necessary to
resettle your parents?"
            "I can't imagine how any thing like that could ever be necessary..."
            "They've allowed you to become sarcastic and defiant when you should be
expressing your respect and gratitude. The teachers and councilors at your school have
been concerned. Your parents weren't managing..."
            "No!" she cried out in hoarse anguish, "No! No! No!"   
The next day when Tess awoke:

            Tess had been asleep for some time when she awoke from a terrible nightmare about the

man in the skinny and sat up with a gasp. She could see by the utter blackness that it had not

been daylight for hours. There was not even a crack of light from the door to the kitchen. She lay

back with a sigh. "Did the school really turn me in?" she thought as she stared at the ceiling

which was too dark to see. "Did Children and Family really come for Mom and Dad and Nia

because of me? If I were like the other kids would they still be here? And if I start acting exactly

like everybody else, would they let Mom and Dad come home?” She threw back her covers and

sat on the edge of the bed. "There's nothing for it. I'm going to Broadstreet."

*Broadstreet is where the troll compound is located and where Tess’s friend, Maxi, has his
Barber/tattoo shop. Maxi’s makeover leaves Tess with a Mohawk, a number of piercings and a
tattoo. She hopes fervently that her sincere attempt to conform with her peers will lead to the
return of her family. It doesn’t take long for her to discover her hopes are all in vain.

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