Friday, May 25, 2018

What is the Chokewoods?

Taranaki-Goblin-Forest-1-The Chokewood Forest is an important part of the setting in each of the books of 
The Heart of the Staff, Good Sister, Bad SisterThe Collector WitchStone HeartSORBUSJOSEPHROCKv2
The BurgeoningThe Reaper Witch and Doom. It lies south of Goll and Cyclopsia on the Northern Continent. It was created from the vast Forest Primeval by the 3994775_origwizard Razzorbauch when he used the Crystal Heart and the Great Staff to permanently change all of the forest's black and red oaks images(Quercus velutina L. and Quercus coccinea M.) to the deadly, twisted and gnarled choke oaks (Pseudoquercus horridus R.) to discourage trespass onto his great sukere plantation.
Later, the witch Ugleeuh was banished to a small portion of the Chokewoods which sheScan10021 turned into the Peppermint Forest by magically altering the choke oaks to become peppermint trees (Mentha lignumpiperita R.).

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