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Languages in The Heart of the Staff

Modern English is the language spoken throughout Elf Killers and the epic series, Heart of the Staff.  Fairies speak Middle English without most of its obsolete words in The BurgeoningReaper Witch (February, 2013) and Doom (Summer, 2013). The rest of the languages used appear as isolated words and sentences chosen to give realism and color to various characters. Most of these are explained by context and all can be found translated in the respective glossaries in the books where they appear.

 Language:                              What it is:                               Who speaks it:

Niarg Standard                       current Modern English          Kingdom of Niarg
                                                                                                Kingdom of Loxmere
                                                                                                Kingdom of Goll
                                                                                                Kingdom of Bratin Brute
                                                                                                Jutish Elves
                                                                                                naked dragons

Archaic Modern Niarg            Middle English                       all Fairies
                                                                                            all profanities uttered by
                                                                                                  Ocker the raven
                                                                                            Niarg (600 yrs prior)

Old Niarg Standard                Welsh                                     Kingdom of Niarg
                                                                                             Kingdom of Loxmere
                                                                                             Kingdom of Goll
                                                                                             Kingdom of Bratin Brute

Jutish Elven                             Irish                                        Jutish Elves

Old Gwaelic Elven                 Irish                                         Gwaelic Elves (1M yrs prior)

Gwaelic Elven                         Manx                                      Gwaelic Elves

Gwaelic                                   Cornish                                   Gwael

Headlandish                            Breton                                     Penvro (Head)
                                                                                              Dark Empire

Goblish-Beakish                      Pictish                                     Kingdom of Marr (Beaks)

Ngop                                       Wagiman                                 the Ngop

Wagiman is almost extinct. The last I knew, only ten Australian Aboriginals still speak it.

Trollish                                    transposition of an                    trolls
                                               aboriginal language

Trollish is a very nasal sounding language, the transposition of an aboriginal New World language, where each letter in the original tongue is replaced with a different letter. In particular, the sounds most frequently used by the aboriginal speakers are replaced with the sounds which are the very most difficult for them to pronounce. Trollish uses such non European peculiarities as noun-verbs, which we originally tried to represent in English by running nouns and verbs together (as they are in the aboriginal) in words such as, headsmashjuicychampcantgoback, rollybottomhohoslap and grabupsqueakers, which we soon changed to head-smashjuicy-champcan't-go-backrolly-bottom-ho-ho-slap and grab-up-squeakers in order to be easy to read.
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