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About Carol

Hi Everyone! My name is Carol Marrs Phipps and I am an author who currently resides in Kentucky and Illinois. I have a book coming out from Hellfire Publishing in mid-July, Elf Killers, which I wrote with my co-author and fantastic husband, Tom Phipps.

Tom and I spent the lion's-share of our teaching careers in the Southwest U.S. (Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada) on different Native American Reservations. I believe we learned as much from our students as they did from us and a large number of them became the first dedicated fans of our stories. Tom teaches now in Illinois, though we live across the state line in Kentucky (during the school year) and return to our farm in Illinois in the summer. I am now, happily, a full-time writer.

I would have to say I discovered I enjoyed writing and was actually good at it in the eighth grade.I had to write a fictional story about some time in history the class had studied during the semester. We had two weeks to hand in the assignment, but I was inspired and went home, wrote the entire thing that evening and turned it in the next day. My history teacher gave me an odd look, but made no remark. I could tell, though, that he thought I had basically blown the assignment off and jotted off some junk from the top of my head, or copied something. The story I wrote was about the Alamo...so I became the Alamo and told the story of what happened there from my viewpoint. I even helped in the fighting by dropping a brick from myself onto Jim Bowie's knife causing it to flip and stab his attacker...saving his life, of course. Ah well. My history teacher gave me an A+ for that paper and was so impressed with it that he not talked it up to the class. Several years later, when my sister took his class, he asked her if I still had my Alamo paper and if he could borrow it to use as an example for his current class. I did have that paper and gave it to him to use, but you know, he never gave it back!

In time, I learned what I really enjoyed writing most was the same things I enjoyed reading the most. Fantasy. Everything from children's fairy stories to dark fantasy. Elf Killers is definitely a fantasy on the dark side. It is about a once vast clan of Elves who are mercilessly being hunted and eaten by the Dyrney, (trolls) who are completely immune to magic.The story has a slightly different twist as it tells both the Elves' and the Trolls' points of view. Elf Killers was a lot of fun to write and I hope when it is released in July that you all will enjoy reading it as much as Tom and I enjoyed writing it.

Not long after Tom and I married, I discovered to my joy that he, too, loved to write. We have been writing together ever since.

About Tom

I grew up running around in the woods on a dairy farm. The neighbors would come over and we'd have big sings. In college I was something of an essayist. Then, I farmed for seventeen years and built banjos. Carol blew me away with her yarns, and I started writing with her. We spent the next couple of decades teaching on the Hualapai, Apache, Navajo and Paiute reservations, living clear out away from people, writing all the while. We recently crossed the Mississippi into Kentucky, and now I teach at Cairo High School, but we're still writing.