Elf Killers:

Courage under fire May 3, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition

The other reviews here have given plot and character hints, so I'm not going to waste time doing the same. There is something very brave about this book. First the attempt to create a half-language that the reader can still absorb and understand, yet completely imprints another culture. That would be brave enough on its own - but second, there is a sense of these two authors showing real courage in breaking taboos. They do not stint on the violence and some may find that harsh, but it's a harsh world they have allowed us to glimpse. They show a world in which no-one is safe, including children, and don't step back with false sentiment to protect the reader. Their world is not our world, but it's as real as it can get. And at times it hints at great beauty - I for one would like to spend longer in the lives of the elf-kind, as opposed to their fight for survival. And I would also like more of the 'breakaway' trolls that show potential to rise above the more monstrous of their own tribe - they hold such intrigue as an evolving race. Yet I cannot fault the authors for their unstinting sense of purpose. To my mind, it's as if they have painted the early stages of extinction for a race of people and we are watching the last embers desperately vying for life. It is for that vivid portrayal that I have given this review. Yes, okay, as another reviewer has pointed out, there are some formatting errors - but those would be simple enough to set right and when the content shows such promise, shouldn't we be reviewing the prose? These two have experimented here. The characters themselves show courage, but it is the two writers who have set the pace and tried something different, fresh and innovative. Bravo.

By Rae
Format:Kindle Edition
{On my review blog, I awarded this book 4 1/2 stars, actually}
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This debut novel, from the husband and wife team of Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps, is a fantasy delight for the reader who likes pure escapism when they pick up a book. Elf Killers is an Epic Fantasy following the adventures of young Elves who head out to rescue a group of Elven children who are snatched by Trolls while out in the woods. The Elves had been planning to pack up camp and take off on their ship for another land when the violence takes place, and the young male Elves embark on a long journey through the woods, through dark tunnels (with light courtesy of friendly Fire Sprites who light the way) and beyond the forbidding mountain, in search of the Troll camps. The book follows the tale of the Elves on their search, while alternating plot lines with the Trolls, who are portrayed as ugly, lacking in hygiene and manners, and barbaric hunters who prey on young Elves for dinner. There is a budding love triangle among the Elves and there is brutality when the two different worlds of Elves and Trolls collide, but most importantly, there is a satisfactory ending.

The authors use a special dialect for the novel with Trollish language and Elven Gwaelic words, but provide a glossary in the back of the book, which is fun to read, though I would suggest reading it before the story to immerse yourself easily into the plot. There are many characters introduced, so keep an eye on them as they make an appearance. After all is said and done, this is a mystical fantasy tale, a grown-up fairy tale of good vs evil, and an epic journey tale, which just happens to be with Elves, sprites, unicorns and trained falcons. If you enjoy pure, magical fantasy of this nature, the Elf Killers are waiting for you! I recommend this book!

Rae, Best O' Books Reviews

I'm a sucker for Fantasy... August 16, 2011
Format:Kindle Edition
Elf Killers is a fast-paced, descriptive ride of emotional turmoil and flight or fight drama right from the get go.

As the young Elves are gathering their seedlings to head off to a new land to regroup and recoup their numbers after being hunted by the Elf Killer trolls for so long, they're attacked once more to be thrown into the cook-fires.

Not knowing if all of the young Elves are dead or alive, the elder Elves have no choice but to sail away for distant lands on schedule, sacrificing the few young ones to save the even fewer of the race.

Carol and Tom provide a glossary in the back of this epic fantasy because of the Trollish language and the Elves Gwaelic speech. If you want to understand the book a little more in-depth, I suggest you read through the glossary first. At the beginning, it was a little difficult for me to get in to simply because the Trollish threw me off guard. Being an avid fantasy buff, though, I was not going to let that deter me.

The book is full of rich, imaginative scenery, Elves (which I absolutely adore and love anyway) and beautiful names, unusual creatures (more so than the Elf Killer trolls) and of course unicorns and Sprites. There is much to learn about this world, which I felt I was only given a bare glimpse of, because the pace was heart racing and the need for survival at the fore-front. But even with such a fast rush, I found the book difficult to put down and the authors found time to show that love can blossom, even in the most harsh of situations.

There were a few errors in the book, but nothing so bad as to throw you off the trail of the story. This book is well written, detailed and smooth. Once you get immersed in the Trollish language, you get the gist of what's going on and can't wait for ... well I can't tell you!

If you like epic fantasy, you will like Elf Killers. A sound story of good versus evil, overcoming all odds in adverse conditions and survival of the fittest.

M. L. Chesley, Fantasy author [...]

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