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Are you looking for reasonably priced promo banners, gifs and premade eBook covers? If so, you've come to the right place. (Sorry...no erotica).

After making your selection (I.e. poster, gif or premade book cover), please send me a brief email at car0511am@gmail.com to let me know what you want. If you need text added, tell me exactly what you would like. For book covers I'll need to know your title and author name or pen name.

***Once you have made your selection(s), please make your payment through Paypal on this website by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page. Thank you! (Sorry, no checks).***


“Carol Marrs Phipps isn’t only an exceptionally, talented author, but she’s amazing when it comes to graphic design! She just created a number of banners for me, and I’m thrilled with the beautiful results! I highly recommend her work.” – S. S. Bazinet, Author

“I've long admired Carol's posters on Twitter. So when she started a business creating posters and book covers at affordable prices, I jumped at the chance to have her create one for me. I love the posters she designed for me and look forward to doing business with her again soon!”  Ingrid Foster, Author

"Carol Phipps’ graphic work is a quality of work seldom seen. One needs to look no further than her own tweets to see her gift of professionalism. And the cost of her banners is reasonable for any author, including the first-time-struggling writer counting pennies."  JB Morris,  Author

"Working with Carol was a dream! She was very adept at deciphering my vision and delivering exactly what I was looking for. Loved the Twitter posters she made for my books! I've had far more engagement with retweets since posting her beautiful art. Seems people would rather retweet something visually appealing than the plain boring posts I normally have up".  –Alex Bailey, author of THE FUTURE MEMOIRS OF ANN JONES

"Carol is a creative force to be reckoned with. She has surprised me over and over again with her boundless ability to come up with new eye-catching images. I really feel that her promo plates and gifs have improved the visibility of my books on Twitter, Facebook and Google+." Theresa Snyder, Author

"I wanted to connect with readers. Carol brought my book to life. The digital media she created captured the essence and heart of my story and her images had a big impact on my social media interactions. Thanks, Carol, well-done!" –Jena C Henry, author of The Golden Age of Charlie series"

Simple Banners:                                                                                           5.00 each 
Banners with added text:                                                                            7.00 each
Simple Gifs:                                                                                                  6.00 each
Simple Gifs with added text:                                                                      8.00 each
Complex Gifs:                                                                                             10.50 each
Complex Gifs with added text:                                                                 12.50 each
Premade eBook Covers:                                                                            25.00 each
Custom eBook Covers:                                                                              50.00 each
Custom Print Covers:                                                                                75.00 each

(Book covers will be sold only once. After purchased I permanently retire the cover.)


Banners, Gifs & eBook Covers


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